Excel Add-in 4.0 - Add ability to Refresh all tabs at once to the same page selector selection




I have a workbook with about 20 Anaplan-connected tabs. We have >100 properties in our portfolio. Each tab connects to a different module in the same model and all modules have the same page selector list chosen in the dimensions, being our list of properties from our hierarchical list. Right now, if I want to switch properties on a tab, I have to switch them 1 by 1 individually on each tab. It would be great if there were a feature to flip all of the tabs' page selectors to the property of my choosing at once. I can refresh the data in all tabs at once, but not sync to the same property between tabs.


It is possible to synchronize page selectors from different modules on a dashboard, but that functionality is not available in the add-in. If this feature can be added it would be a big time saver for my end users and me.



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