Excel Add-in 4.0 - Make Clone function be able to clone a tab into another workbook




I would like to suggest adding additional functionality to the Clone button. It would be helpful to be able to clone a tab and all of its formatting (or at least the tab's connection and connection settings) to a new tab in another Excel workbook and/or to a new tab in a brand new workbook to be opened.



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  • MagaliP

    Cloning an entire workbook to another workbook will be available in 4.3, as in this idea

  • MagaliP

    Just close your workbook and take a copy, or simply "save as". Since 4.3, you are then able to open duplicate workbooks.

  • Hello, Is it possible to clone a worksheet into another workbook? or the functionality is just to clone worksheets in the same workbook?


  • Appreciate I can save as a new version, but the ability to clone to new work books would make a large difference when updating and uploading files of the same nature, please can you advise when this would be available

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