Make Bulk Copy respect the Selective Access settings


Dear all, 


Seems it would be great to limit Bulk Copy area by the Selective Access rights.


For example, I have a model with two departents with similar business cycles, but version fixation should happen a little bit different days (from the very beggining it wasn't like that, so we didn't expect this new requirement). Since we widely use Bulk Copy functionality, the only possible solution for us now is to separate models and create additional one that collects data from them (as we need to have 'total' as well). Looks heavy. 


I investigeted Bulk Copy functionality and looks lile it doesn't respect any rights access settings (selective access, roles, DCA). If Bulk Copy could be limited at least by selective access settings, it would solve my problem and, I believe, help other modellers as well. 


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Kind regards, Marina 




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