End User Dashboard Access after a Deadline (Temporarily Locking the Dashboards Down)


What is the recommended best practice for needing to restrict access (temporarily) to particular dashboards after a specific date? Would modifying the read/write access be the best approach? My use case is that certain dashboards will need to be locked down on a certain date/time and all requests/movement of dashboard data will need to be finalized by that time by end users. Once that specific date/time comes I need to lockdown the end users ability to keep making changes. I would think that just updating the end users read/write permissions for those dashboards would be the best approach but wanted to ask the community if there were other options out there and maybe something that would work better, that I should consider.


  • Hi @HDIORIO 

    There are a couple of ways to do this:


    1. Indeed, you can lock a dashboard to prevent changes after a deadline by changing the read and write permissions in the user list. In order to save some time, please note that the User settings has an "import" option



    Which means that you can create a module containing the user dimension and a line item that determines if the users should have read or write permissions based on the time, so you can create an action to load these permissions from the module into the Users list, updating all the permissions at once.


    2. Alternatively, you can get Anaplan to automatically restrict access to specific data sets by using Anaplan's Dynamic Cell Access: https://help.anaplan.com/anapedia/Content/Modeling/Working_with_Data/DynamicCellAccess.htm

    This is it: use the "Write access driver" and "Read access driver" in the blueprint settings of the modules on the dashboard that you want to lockdown. These "driver" cells will be pointing to a module which decides whether or not users would have access to the data based on the current date.



    So, creating a module that determines whether the current date is higher than the deadline, and connecting the "Write access driver" and "Read access driver" to the outcome of this module, Anaplan will automatically revoke access to all the modules in the dashboard, effectively locking the dashboard and preventing further changes.


    Please, let me know if this is of any help.







  • Both options are helpful to understand and I think I have a path forward for what will work best in my scenario - thank you!
  • @HDIORIO I can tell you that the second method is perfect for you. Your case was exactly mine, and it works perfectly.


    @AlejandroGomez thank you for the link given the tip regarding the due date. I didn't know and I'm going to add this to my model.


    You will need to manually update a current date reference as there is no functionality to pull this data in via a formula. 

    However, I do believe that this is something that Anaplan will be releasing in a future platform update. 



    If I create a line item to hold current date and Another Line item which will be 'date +1'. Using an automated action which will daily import date +1 into date line item. This can increment the current date automatically and daily . Also, Its a one time setup.