Auto-Hide line item based on selected list member




Is there a way I can hide line item based on the selected list member?


I tried to use line item subset but no luck since I have a date format and boolean in my line item.


See attached picture. GLA, % of Sales and Sales Quota should be hidden when i select a different list member.







  • Hi @tompatrick.ting 


    There is no easy way to hide and show Line Items upon a list item selection, specially since you have different formats there (if all Line ITems were number formatted, a Line item subset and a filter would work).


    In this case, I suggest to use Dynamic Cell Access in the line items you would like to show or hide. This won't hide the columns (the Line items) but will hide the values in the cells.  More info on DCA:



    Just create a module with the List driving the Show/Hide criteria (in my example, is the Country List) and a Boolean Line Item



    Then, in your current module (the one in the attached screenshot), go to the blueprint and select the Line Items you would like to dynamically hide /show. Scroll right until you find "Write access driver" and "Read access Driver".


    In my example, I want to hide the values of the line items "% of sales" and "Sales quota" in case "Italy" is chosen. So, all what you have to do is to select the module and line item created in the previous step as driver for these line item's data access:



    * please, note that the Boolean for Italy is un-ticked. To restrain / grant access to other countries, just mark or unmarck the check boxes.


    You can see that the values for the Line Items are hidden now for Italy:



    I hope it helps. Please let me know if there are any questions.