Change in Anaplan Connect Error handling to include functional errors

While working on a requirement to handle errors in Anaplan processes, we checked and tested few cases if we could capture return/exit code (i.e. error level) sent from Anaplan job processes to determine whether the process was successful or failure (This part is handled in Task.class file of AnaplanConnect (anaplan-connect-1.4.2-jar-with-dependencies.jar) using batch script). For few scenarios, we did not get the expected result where the Error level was returned as 0 (success) whereas the actual process was failed due to some failure in operation with message “The operation failed”. 1) Exit code 1 is returned only in case of error such as Oracle errors, network issues, missing workspace, Anaplan API exceptions, etc. 2) It sends exit code as 0 (success) when the process operation fails with message “The operation failed”. It is not regarded as error. I would like to submit an idea to change Anaplan Connect Error handling to include functional errors.
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  • I'd like to add onto this item since our organization is experiencing similar issues. As it stands, there is still no robust indication of whether or not a process run was truly successful. For example, we had a job run one of our processes which failed and created log entries, however we received the green success status back without an error flag. Is it possible to implement a more detailed view/status of processes with additional insight into key details of said process? More specifically seeing a list of error codes and specific failures would be extremely beneficial.

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