Hide drill-down by role


I would like to have the possibility to disable DRILL DOWN functionality for and end-user on a dashboard (classic) / board, in short, introduce this selection under the Menu Options. 

This functionality can be useful for modules using complex calculations in the background or third-party end-users. 



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  • Furthermore, it would be great if unchecking the Menu Option also removed that item from the pop-up when a user right-clicks a column header. Currently, they still appear, but are grayed out (first image). It would be cleaner to have it removed altogether, similar to the carat dropdown at the top-left of the table (second image).






  • behn

    Great idea!

  • udvats

    Good Idea! Additionally, it would be great to have the functionality to disable the cell right click options for specific roles in NUX. Some end users may find these features confusing.

  • Echo this idea. This has come up for our project in few forums now if we can disable features like breakback etc. per model/workspace.

  • This is a great idea. Hopefully it's something Anaplan will put on the Roadmap soon. Any updates @Anaplan?

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