Simultaneous processing (multi-threading) of Anaplan actions


As a user and/or model builder, I want to be able to run actions simultaneously where possible to speed up the data processing and list maintenance actions.  This function should also allow other actions to be run only after certain actions have finished running successfully.


As an example, if I want to load trial balance data into a trial balance module I would want to update certain lists first before loading data into the trial balance modules. What I would like Anaplan to be able to do is to simultaneously process the same (or different) data source file(s) to update both the Cost Centre list and the GL Account list simultaneously.  And once the two actions have completed successfully, it should then automatically run the action to update trial balance module.


The above is a simplistic example of the functionality and would have much greater benefits when processing larger data sets such as when loading product sales data for thousands of SKUs into multiple lists and modules (including attribute modules).  This should lead to a much more efficient and faster processing of actions, and therefore, faster data processing and list maintenance processes.

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