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Can someone shed some light on selecting the CATEGORY in the Functional area Tab?  The lesson requires us to assign (Screenshot attached) functional area and CATEGORY.  I was able to to do the functional area but not the CATEGORY.  The drop down list in the CATEGORY (screenshot attached) does not have the options required.  I tried unsuccessfully to add a new 'CATEGORY'.  I have referred to all the community discussion but still find it difficult to correctly identify the answer.  Where do I go to add a NEW CATEGORY? I referred to Anapedia but again unsuccessful in understanding this.

Some help will be greatly appreciated.  Screenshot (167).pngScreenshot (168).pngScreenshot (169).png

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  • Puneeth H P

    Hi @ThiruT 


    Here the category means categorizing the modules as System Modules and Data modules . As we can see in the modules section we have done during the earlier steps categorized as DATA MODULES and SYSTEM MODULES and so on . 


    That will do the trick . Keeping Dat modules under DATA MODULES and SYS modules under SYSTEM Modules . Keep this modules as No data format and Give Heading Style as well . 



    Puneeth HP

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  • Hi there,


    I have the same question but the explanation below does not really clarify. Can someone maybe help on this?