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do you consider enhancing the Order List Action functionality by making it accessible for the non-admin users? It would be really great the end user to be able to apply such an order whenever he consider it useful.


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  • Hello,


    I agree with Kristina, it would be great if non admins users could use this action. I need this functionality for customers who aren't workspace admins.


    Maybe it could only be available on Production Data lists ?

  • I agree, needs to be available to users who are not Workspace Admins or it's pretty worthless functionality.

  • For several of our top clients we require (urgently) the "Order List" action to be executed as a standard user/planner (next to model builders).


    This would enable users to apply list sortings without being a Workspace Admin, e.g. after adding a new item to a list or prioritizing items. The security on this action can be controlled differently, e.g. via roles and via the line items that determine the sorting.


    In the old UX standard users/planners were able to change list sortings manually. Since this feature is not available in the NUX, the "Order List" action would be a good replacement of the previous list adjustment functionality. In our opinion the limitation of the "Order List" action leads to a non-parity of old UX and NUX. 


    Can you please prioritize this request in the future roadmap?

    @ms11771 @tabendroth 

  • +1, This is badly needed. Users-managed lists are a mess!

  • Another vote for this functionality.

  • Loic

    This is a must have. Especially as an enduser can create, delete, modify items in lists.


  • This is a must have.

    On the one hand this would be useful/practical especially for long lists but also for short lists, one example: I currently work on a solution for dynamic waterfall charts. The business user can create an enter values for business drivers based on a list. The Order of items in a waterfall chart is an essential element. Unfortunately only a workspace admin trigger an order list action.   

  • It's a pity that this is not possible. 

    Order List action should be possible to launch by any user who have access to modify that list. 

    Ordering elements in a list is part of the normal management of a list. 


  • Thanks for all your feedback - we understand why you'd like this to be available to non-Workspace Admins, and the context in the posts above is useful. We'll examine what it would take for us to deliver this.

  • Thank you all for the valuable feedback on this feature!


    As we are exploring the expected behaviour of this feature for non-Workspace Admins, I'd like to share with you the access rules and other factors that must be taken into account by the users:


    • Model Role - The User must have Full Access to the model or a Role with access to the list and the action. If the User has access only to the list or only to the action, they won’t be able to run the action successfully.
    • Selective Access - If Selective Access is enabled for the list, the User must have Write Access to the entire list. Users with Write Access to some list items, Read Access to the list or No Access to the list will not be able to run the Order list action.
    • Remember: In Deployed mode Order list will only run on production lists.
    • Remember: Order list is not the same as “Sort”. While Sort affects only the visual representation of data in the UI, Order list changes the structure of the list in the underlaying model definition and consequently the Hyperblock recalculates all line items dimensioned by the list and this will result in blocking for other users.

    With this information in mind, would the feature meet your business needs?


    Would the Users that you have in mind have the required access permissions or were you imagining even less restricted use of the action?


    I look forward to hearing your thoughts!


    Many thanks,



  • @dafinkapancheva Thanks for taking into consideration this idea!


    I think this is the expected behavior. 

    It would be really nice to extend the possibility to launch Order actions to non-workspace admins, having in mind all your points.


    This will solve all the cases that come into my mind.





  • Hi @dafinkapancheva 


    All your points are how I would expect it to work.


    Looking forward to it being deployed so I can get this weekly task off my list. 😉




  • @arperlad Until the change is deployed, I identified a fun workaround using the new CloudWorks functionality!

    You can set up a weekly schedule to run a process that has the Order List action in it. That way, the Order List action runs weekly and you don't have to think about it.

  • +1

  • This is still needed.  Please allow non-admins to run sort actions.

  • Please, please add this functionality. End users are loading huge lists if they are not ordered when loaded it decreases the user friendliness tremendously. 

  • Hello

    I agree, a much needed functionnality for us too!

    Thanks 🙂

  • I'm pleased to say that this change has been delivered in the platform release on March 12th. Users who are not Workspace Admins can now run an Order List action provided that they have Model Role access to edit the List, access to execute the Action, access to the Line Item driving the ordering, and selective access to all items in the List being ordered. You can find the updated Anapedia entry here.

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