Ignore boolean flagged items/periods when using the AVERAGE function



As a model builder, I would like to be able to include an additional parameter in the AVERAGE function which is to be used to exclude flagged items or periods from being included in the calculation of average values.


Use Case:

There are numerous circumstances where I have been required to exclude certain items (e.g. zero cells, actual periods) from the calculation of average values.  



This will eliminate the need to create additional line items to facilitate the exclusion of items in the calculation of average values. 



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  • I think this would be helpful.

    Are you recommending creating boolean formatted line items against the same dimensions as the source data you are referencing in your AVERAGE function?

  • Hi @Axel_H


    Yes, that would be how I would expect it to work. 


    However, it would also be nice if the boolean flag can also be referenced from an system/attributes module (e.g. Time attributes/lookup module) of a list that is being used in the module where the average formula is to be used.

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