Refresh Function in Excel Add-in should provide option to submit changes



If a user changes data in a read/write view of data in Excel via the Anaplan Excel Add-in and then subsequently clicks on the "refresh" button, the Anaplan interface does not inform the user of any changes that have been made to the data before the view is refreshed.  This results in any changes being cleared which can be annoying when the user incorrectly clicks on the "refresh" button instead of the "send and refresh" button.


It would be great if the a change to this feature is made so that the "refresh" button always checks for any changes and informs the user of these (if any) before refreshing the view.  This will ensure that data changes are not unintentionally lost and have to be input again.



User will not accidentally lose any data changes made and therefore keeps them from having to re-do any changes made.

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