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We have a list  which is enabled selective access. That list is used in a report and published in dashboard. The user is able to edit the name of the list members which is not expected. Is there any way I can restrict users from not editing list member name. 



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  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @NishaS,

    if they can edit it, it means that they have access to a list. You can control it via Users settings. Do they need it? If yes, they will be always able to edit list members. If they do not need to run any actions to update this dimension for example, they should not have access to the list. Then, they will not be able to edit list elements.



    This is the way you can control it. UX gives you additional flexibility. 

  • filip.sypniewski


    giving the access to the list, does not affect data input, only editing list members. I think this is what you are looking for. 


  • Hi @NishaS,

    in principle, on the board, users are not able to edit list members. I assume your case is related to worksheet. Of course, you can control that. Edit the primary grid, you will see the setting "Users can edit list items". Simply disable that option




    The rename/delete/change parent options will disappear



    Note: This is only a case when people have access to the list. If they do not have access to a list, by default they cannot edit list members.

    Screenshot 2020-11-05 121524.jpg

    Hope it answers your questions!

  • Hi, 

    We are using classic dashboard not the new UX. Any options for classic dashboard? 



    Nisha. S

  • @NishaS 

    As I understand only workspace admins can make changes to list items via a dashboard. 

    Only model builders and admins should have this access. If the users are not administrators I would recommend that you create relevant roles and allocate them to your users in addition to disabling their workspace admin rights. 

    To do this go into the user lists and deselect the 'Workspace Administrator,' property. 

  • Hi, 

    The user is not an administrator he has only role access with selective access enabled for the member. They can edit from dashboard. We tested the scenario and we were also able to replicate with non admin access. 



    Nisha. S

  • The issue is only for the list which we enabled selective access. It has another list down in hierarchy which is not selective access enabled and works perfectly fine and users not able to edit from dashboard. Both the list are given access to the role.
    We need the user to see the data entered for the list members. Don't want to edit members. I will check whether disabling access to list revoke access to see module data also. If not that work so for me..
  • @NishaS The solution suggested by @filip.sypniewski should work. If you uncheck the list from the Settings-> Users -> Roles->List section, the user would not be able to edit the list members.


    Hope this helps


  • Would giving the user Read access only instead of Write access allow him/her to do what is needed? With read access, the user wouldn't be able to change the name of the item.