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Suggest to add ability in Cloudworks to create custom load calendars.

Not all data integration loads follow a recurring pattern but are instead based on custom load dates. Adding ability to e.g. specify a specific load calendar for the next 12-18 months will ensure load dates are aligned with business processes and reduce the need for triggering loads manually or through other task management solutions.

As an example, some core processes may take place on the second Wednesday of a month while load then needs to take place the following Thursday and Friday. I.e. the first load should not always be on the second Thursday of a month but rather the first Thursday following the second Wednesday of a month. At the same time, some dates may need to be placed sooner or later due to various national holidays. Timing of the load dates is decided for at least the coming 12 months and could therefore be maintained in a custom load calendar up front instead of manually triggering the loads whenever they deviate from a recurring pattern that is covered by the normal trigger frequency settings.

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  • I agree, it would be very helpful if Anaplan would enhance the CloudWorks integration trigger scheduling options to include custom selected dates.   Currently it is possible to schedule recurring schedules (every Monday, first Monday of every month, 5th of every month...).  

    @hgrosen - your example isn't unique - often global companies set monthly cycle process dates and have to adapt them to the diverse country holiday schedules, so a recurring pattern can't work for such schedules.

  • I see Anaplan is coming with more felixibily with schedules in the furture updates and it should solve this problem.

  • Hi @Anilkumarch .  Further developments for increased flexibility will always be welcome.  This precise request by @hgrosen is still under review - not yet determined to be included.  If any of your customers can benefit please feel free to vote for it.  

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