Use Gregorian calendar week numbers instead of fiscal week numbers


Hello community, 


Currently Anaplan uses its own week numbering to determine the week number. When fiscal period is different from jan-dec, then week numbers do not match at all with calendar week numbers as defined in ISO 8601.


This makes it very confusing for users to adapt to these new week numbers, especially when users need to communicate with other parties (suppliers, customers) that do not rely on the same fiscal calendar. Typical example of confusion is those discussions: "When we discuss about W13, is this in the calendar or is this in your own fiscal calendar?" or "Which date is that week?". Answers to these questions are obvious when everyone uses ISO 8601 calendar that is displayed in Google Calendar, Windows and Microsoft Outlook. 


Therefore, Anaplan should have the option, in module's time settings, to use ISO week numbers instead of fiscal week numbers as a way to refer to weeks in Anaplan. This would then change the label of all weeks in the Time dimension, and would be used for display, but also for exports and imports.

Of course, this would mean that first week of fiscal year might not be week 1, but that's a minor setback for the user, because this is only very internal to the company's finance team. 


Thanks a lot for your upvotes. 


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