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We currently have time functions to return the MONTHVALUE, QUARTERVALUE, YEARVALUE etc... it would be helpful to add a final function which will return the Time.All Periods value, this would enable developers to avoid having to add summary methods to determine the all periods value.


It may be there is a work-around but ran into this today and felt this function would have saved me creating a couple of line items which I didn't need. 

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  • @sean_culligan 


    Any reason why [SELECT:Time.All Periods] is not an option?



  • @DavidSmith 


    My case is where I don't want to add a summary just for the sake of getting and all periods value. 


    So in the case below, I have a monthly module with values:


    Jan 19Feb 19Mar 19Q4FYAll Periods


    Without needing a summary method, I can get the QUARTERVALUE and YEARVALUE, but I can't get ALLPERIODS. I could only get the all periods if I added a summary method and then did the select.


    Where I would commonly use this is on a large inbound module where you are checking for empty records. If I could avoid having to add summaries then that would save me a fair amount of space.



  • OK, makes sense


    If your target module doesn't have time, you can also use TIMESUM(), with no parameters


  • @DavidSmith 


    Thanks, I should have thought of that really. This request looks to be resolved then 🙂

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