Summary Methods Based On Line Items - Product as an example or Weighted totals


Hi All,


I feel that the summary methods in Anaplan could be improved further by including more flexible options to use other line items (same dimensionality) to influence summary method.


For example on a model I have been building recently, many of the summaries require the product of 2 line items divided by the total of one to create a weighted average summary. In modelling Debt this is quite common.


There are workarounds to achieve this but native functionality would better design and ease in building models.


Also I'm sure there are many different scenarios which apply to using different line items as a summary or a combination or formulas at the summary level only. 





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  • @usman.zia  

    This feature would certainly help in many use cases. One such use case would be for filtered items to give the total in the summary only for those items which are true and it can be an option to choose from the summary method (Summary based on filter). Nice idea.

  • Another vote for this functionality.

  • What is the process to have this considered more heavily (as it's a very basic and important part of planning)? 

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