Can I change the Timeout/Logout period from 30 minutes to 2 hours?


Hi team, right now an Anaplan session automatically times out if the end-user is inactive for 30 minutes. However, my users have complained that this is too short a time and too troublesome. Is there a way tenant admin can increase this time limit? Would be super helpful. 





  • @CommunityMember124946 


    At this time, the answer is no, there is not a way to change the timeout of 30 minutes. 



  • @rob_marshall  Will this always be the case?

    Often during working sessions with clients, we will be Dashboarding and now that we are all working remote, we need to do most of the calls over Zoom/Teams, etc. 

    The meetings that go longer than 30 minutes will force Anaplan to Timeout, thus losing any unsaved work; including Dashboards, Saved views, etc. 

    Re-tracing hours of work is not ideal, at the very least, an auto save feature should be created to prevent this from happening. 




  • @tbeck 


    I don't believe changing the timeout to greater than 30 minutes is in the future.  As for the issue you stated below, I can simply say to save early and often.



  • Similar experience

  • Clear, thank you for sharing. 

  • Hi Natasha,

    I had a similar experience with other systems too. However, increasing the timeout more than the average does not solve the problem because there would always be someone else who would like more.

    The reality is that if a user does not move the mouse once in 30 minutes in the Anaplan screen, it means that the user is not even seeing the data. In that case, the user needs to learn to save the work before moving to the next subject.



  • Hi,

    would be a great feature, because I was asked by many clients how to increase the timeout behaviour. But good to know that it is not possible at all.


    Currently doing a lot of remote sessions where it happens regularly not doing something within Anaplan longer than 30 minutes while discussing general business topics with clients. Maybe kind of improvement for Anaplan to create opportunities to change the timeout behaviour. 

    Best / Andreas

  • vote for the idea on the exchange:

    Ability for customers to set time frame for when s... - Anaplan Community


    if enough votes we might get it !

  • Hi, do you have any news on this topic? It would be very helpful to customize the time for automatic log off! Thank you,