User List --> No Access --> Data Loss


Has anyone experienced data loss from changing an end users access to No Access?


Clients have experienced major data loss from end users switching teams or leaving the company and all of their inputs (when the User List is applied as a dimension) are removed from the model.


I have found that making a "Fake User List" in replacement of the system's User List can avoid this data loss.

1) Create Systems Module applied to Fake User List

2) Create Line Items for each column header in the Anaplan User List

3) Create a line item applied to the Anaplan User List as a subsidiary view

4) Import (ITEM(User List)) as codes into the Fake User List

5) Create Display Names (Last , FIrst) or Employee ID # for security

6) Apply the Fake User List as a dimension in replacement of Anaplan's User List


List Properties can be used to control the Access and applying DCA or selective access to the user's access eliminates the data loss.




Is there a way to prevent data loss without creating a Fake User List?




  • @tbeck 


    So, to answer your question, no, there is not a way to save that data.  When you dimensionalize data by Users, it it is exactly the same as dimenionalizing the data by another list so it will have the same consequences as deleting that list member - the data gets deleted as well.


    Out of curiosity, if a user is no longer defined in the model, why would you need what they entered?  "Usually" when you dimensionalize a module by Users, it is for filters of some kind for reporting, not necessarily for entering data.



  • @rob_marshall 


    There was one case with a client that required a workflow for 200+ users, and at the time ( I do not know if this is still the case) Anaplan's workflow (Process Builder) only supported up to 125 users. 


    We created a custom workflow for "Submitters" and "Approvers", which required data entry and data validation on both "Roles" (created as list properties). 

    When the Submitter or Approver selected in the list property "Role" were set to "No Access" all data validation and workflows were lost.


    We have since set up two separate roles in Anaplan Submitter and Approver, as well as a Submitter Module, and Approver Module, this way we can control the access through the Roles --> Modules.





  • @tbeck 


    That would make sense because that user was no longer in the system and therefor the system considered them deleted, like a deleted list member.  Essentially, if that user is not part of the system, they couldn't approve/deny the workflow so everything was lost.