Make "Order List" action available to all users


For several of our top clients we require (urgently) the "Order List" action to be executed as a standard user/planner (next to model builders).


This would enable users to apply list sortings without being a Workspace Admin, e.g. after adding a new item to a list or prioritizing items. The security on this action can be controlled differently, e.g. via roles and via the line items that determine the sorting.


In the old UX standard users/planners were able to change list sortings manually. Since this feature is not available in the NUX, the "Order List" action would be a good replacement of the previous list adjustment functionality. In our opinion the limitation of the "Order List" action leads to a non-parity of old UX and NUX. 


Can you please prioritize this request in the future roadmap?

@ms11771 @tabendroth 



  • @fliening 


    I think it already is on the roadmap. Last I heard from @DavidSmith was that there are some challenges while making it available to all non WSA admins. I too hope it gets worked upon on Priority. Nevertheless this feature is great for all WSA admins, thus far.



  • As @Misbah  says, there are challenges with Selective Access - should you sort only the items you have access to - what if another user has overlapping access

    You could end up with conflicting sorts with the last run sort "winning"!!

    Hence we decided to keep it simple to start with, especially because the main requirements we from Workspace Administrators

    It has been run over 22,000 times already, so I think we were right to release it as was and tackle the selective access challenges at a later date

    I think there is an idea exchange ticket for the request, so I would encourage you to post on that ticket