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Currently on the Excel Add-in I am able to clone worksheets. I would like to have the ability to clone an entire workbook or multiple copies of a single sheet rather than doing this 1 sheet at a time.



  • Currently the Excel Add-in does not allow for copied workbooks to be opened simultaneously
  • This will facilitate adhoc analysis where different parameters are required for the same module(s)
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  • It makes no sense to have to close an Anaplan-connected workbook if one wants to work on a separate Anaplan-connected workbook. Imagine if you had to close all excel files to open a new excel file.


    I just can't wrap my head around that multitasking across multiple Anaplan-connected excel files is currently not supported.

  • Thank you @jai.kannan for your feedback. To confirm the actual behaviour: you can have multiple Anaplan-connected workbooks open as long as they are not copies of each other.

    We are regularly reviewing our roadmap to meet our customers' needs and will update the status on this idea should it move into our roadmap.

  • Hi @MagaliP


    Sorry, I meant in the context of this post. Please allow me to clarify. The issue stems from having separate cloned excel workbooks open. For example, if workbook #1 has 3 connections, a user cannot clone this workbook into workbook #2 and have both #1, 2 open as the 6 connections will not be recognized properly. If one wants to have a second workbook with those 3 connections, one has to manually create 3 new connections.


    What happens when there are 30 departments with 5 connections each and it's planning season? Are users supposed to manually create 150 connections across 30 workbooks and then manually write formulas to pull from the newly constructed tabs?


    It's commonplace to make copies of excel workbooks for different analyses, so to have Anaplan connections break when making copies just doesn't seem right.

    The workaround I've found is to just migrate everything to google sheets, because this issue does not impact the google sheets add-in and copies of workbooks can be made perfectly fine.


    Thank you for your help/reviewing this!

  • Thank you for this. It is my understanding you have opened a ticket with our support team, and I have coordinated with the support team to provide you answers through the ticket.

    I'll update this idea should it move into the roadmap. Apologies for the inconvenience with regards to this functionality.

  • MagaliP

    Planned for Excel Add-in 4.3

  • MagaliP

    Just close your workbook and take a copy, or simply "save as". Since 4.3, you are then able to open duplicate workbooks.

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