Ability to use ROLES as a dimension and a dropdown for DCA setup


While setting up the Dynamic Cell Access based on user roles we would have to resort to a workaround where we would create a list of roles and based on that we would setup the DCA. However, if the ROLES (native system defined) could be allowed as a dimension, just like how the users are allowed to be used a list, it would give us more possibilities with respect to DCA setup. This would eliminate a lot of groundwork needed for DCA setup when it comes to role based access + DCA setup. 

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  • Is this functionality separate from the roles and modules in users setup? Each role is given read and write access options for each module. 



  • @tbeck that's more system defined - at least with DCA it's production and more granular ie on specific line items. You'd need more user types I would think as sometimes it's just one or two individuals out of a whole user group that might be "switched on" as it were.

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