Name clashes in Anaplan


When assigning actions, dashboards, modules etc with names there is often a need to use the same name. 


Model builders have been getting around this issue by using spaces creatively in between words (the spaces don't show in the name) to work around the issue.


However, i think it would be much easier if Anaplan could, behind the scenes, maybe attach a prefix to actions, module, dashboard etc names automatically so that they don't clash with similar names in totally different parts of the model.


I know there is a workaround but this seems like such an easy solution to the problem.

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  • I would support this idea.

  • Great Idea!

  • Or just follow Planual item : 2.01.01 and linked best practice on naming conventions ( it really does make life a whole lot easier... and when in UX it doesn't matter what you're calling boards & sheets they don't get confuse with the model engine.

    Why would you have two modules that are called the same thing - you wouldn't in any other system afterall. It's a nightmare trying to unpick the workarounds because you're never quite sure of what's going on sometimes.

  • The issue isn't naming two models the same thing, it is the "rate module" clashing with the "rate" dashboard clashing with the "rate" saved view. I can use the BP naming conventions for the modules, but do not want those conventions to show up on the Dashboards and they wouldn't provide a lot of information as the name of a saved view.  In addition, if an order or process is to change, it is a significant amount of time/work to re-number all the modules. 


    It would be much easier and efficient if Anaplan could add the identifier - module, dashboard, view, etc., and the same name can be used across the different options. 

  • @azumbahlen

    Thank you; this is exactly the issue and the reason for my suggestion. 



    I can assure you this problem will eventually impact you no matter how closely you follow planual...

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