Export defined in a model should be connected to a view


Hello Team,

Currently, when we create exports and save them in actions - they are disconnected from real module views.



if you create a new export definition, based on a current view (with a filter or smth else) it is not possible to revisit and amend this view after some time and see what view is feeding an export view in a background (like a datasource for imports).


Why it is important? Basically it is not transparent how specified exports are working and which views they are using. As well if you decide to change view settings like additional condition to the filter - you need to re-create export completely.

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  • I am in support of this idea, it can be near impossible to identify and tweak an export definition if it was set up outside of best practices. Which, lets be honest, happens. Additionally, I am running into an issue where the .xlsx export is too large to simply run & recreate from the file. Because I can't just view the export definition, my troubleshooting on this issue is very restricted.

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