Known Issues on Anaplan Formulas Communication and Subscription


As a model builder and an Anaplan Partner, I would like to be notified of all known issues to existing Anaplan formulas/functions so that I can quickly determine whether the function I am about to use is impacted by known issues and what workarounds are available to mitigate the issue(s) until it is fixed so that my models can continue to be calculated accurately.  This function have a filter function to be able to quickly get to the function/formula that I am interested in.


I would also like to ability to subscribe to or follow a particular known issue so that I am automatically informed of any communication regarding the issue such as expected timeframe of when a permanent fix is likely to be deployed and updates to such time estimate.


Finally, I would also like to be able to subscribe to updates on new or updated Anaplan formulas/functions so that I will know when new or updated functions are made available in Anaplan.

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