ANAPLAN Optimization for N users


Hi ,

If we have users of around 10000000 in Sales team and we are using that list (Users) in one module so how can we optimize the structure of module as if that module page is published in Dashboard then it will take time at great extent to open and to load so how can we optimize the page of dashboard so that the user once logged-In will get memory allocated and once he/she log out the allocation must get remove so that the module will have space allocation only for current users logged in . 

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  • @PratyakshDua01 


    Ok, I will play...You sure about that number, 10 million users?



  • I am not gonna lie, this got me puzzled as well 😄

  • Hi Alejandro,

    Thanks for putting your concern over the issue but is there any way we can optimize the space allocation of such amount of users because it will gradually going to affect the performance if we allocate 10 million users to list and by giving selective Access space is not going to reduce as at a time say only 10,000 users will log in so we can have the memory allocated to only such amount of users and when other users log - in then space gets allocated to them .

    Thanking you in anticipation.



  • Hi Rob,

    Thanks for asking,Yes I am sure about the number😊.





  • In 99.9 % of the cases, the number of users doesn't impact the size of a model.

    Only when using that list of users in a module, usually in order to filter that module per user, does it allocates space per the number of user (this is what Alejandro is showing you).

    Is that you issue here ? 


    So what are you other dimensions ?

    Because if we are just talking about users, then 10 millions cells only is nothing for Anaplan.