Password expiration date via API



We are using Basic authentication and I want to monitor how many days are left before the password expires. Is it possible to check  password expiration date using API?

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  • MaartenGijbels

    I'm not aware of anything that you could access to follow that up.

    Have you considered using certificates? They are valid for a year so require less maintenance.


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  • The password is forced reset every 90 days as per my knowledge
  • Hi @anirudh - I think the default is 90 days, but this is an option that can be set/configured by the customer by contacting Anaplan Support/their Customer Success Partner. 


    My company has the password expiry set as 30 days, but we have a rule to use SSO and cert-based authentication. 

  • @anirudh 

    @kevin.cho  is correct, there are three different settings, 30, 60, and 90 days and is set when the workspace is first created.  This can be changed by support at the request of the tenant admin.



  • Thanks Rob and Kevin,

    That is very useful to know