User ROLES able to run Processes when in READ only mode for Version


I have an issue in which we currently control user Read/Write access to Forecast and Budget versions via ROLES.  This appeared to work well as it allows the users to view data within the platform and not change values via input.  However, we recently had an issue in which a user utilizing a Role that was currently set to Read Only inadvertently clicked on a Process button embedded within one of the classic dashboards and it ran the underlying actions. Has anyone else encountered this?  If so, was there a resolution other than turning Actions off and on?


  • Hi @KarlfromPB 


    quick one: does the user have "Workspace Admin?" enabled? Anaplan ignores specific permissions for WS Admins.


    Edit: an Import Action overrides the individual User Permission. I checked it and also rings a bell to me to be a long time discussion in the Anaplan Community.


    THere are a couple of solutions here:

    1. you can use Dynamic Cell Access for the Target Module and User at hand, so that user does not have write permissions on the cells being targeted by the Import Action
    2. Or you can copy the dashboard where the Action in published and create a version for these users without access to the mentioned action.
  • Thank you for your suggestions.  No, the users do not have Workspace Admin access in the model.  The processes embedded in the dashboards allow them to make adjustments to lists to add, term, and transfer employees etc.  All things that are necessary in their roles.  DCA however, could be a potential, if inelegant solution, if tied to a condition.  Thanks for the insight.

  • @KarlfromPB 

    Another thing you can consider in addition to @AlejandroGomez excellent ideas is to control the actions from the User maintenance screen. Just uncheck the Boolean on that role and that will prevent them from clicking the action.