How can I get Page Builder role




I have the full access on the models, but need the Page Builder role to create or edit the pages or Apps.

But the tenant Admin cant find my name in Access control----->Assignments.

Can anyone help me on this, Thanks in advance.



Best Answers

  • filip.sypniewski

    Hi @Dheeraj,

    ask your Tenant Admin to have a look under 'Visitors'. If you belong to different Tenant (usually the first Tenant to which you were added), then you will not show up under Assignments. In the past, you would have to contact Support team to get the Page Builder access, but now it is possible to do easily in the Visitors tab. 

    Let me know if this helps! 

  • ChrisAHeathcote


    @filip.sypniewskiis correct. You are classed as a visitor to the workspace. 

    The following link will tell you how to assign roles to visitors - Link 



  • @Dheeraj 

    Are you a workspace administrator?

    If not, then ask the tenant admin to assign you administrator access.

    I believe they will then be able to assign you a page builder role.


  • Thank you so much @ChrisAHeathcote for the reply.

    I am new to this tool, can you tell me the steps that tenant Admin can follow to give me workspace administrator access.

    Thank You!
  • Hi, Thank you so much for the support, but i have access to just one Tenant. I can ask the Tenant Admin to find me in 'Visitors'.
    Also, do we need workspace Admin access to get the Page Builder role, sorry i am new to this tool.