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Why your feedback matters

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At Anaplan, we strive to be Customer First in everything we do, and are committed to improving your experience with Anaplan.
As part of our continuous improvement process, we read every piece of feedback you share, which helps inform our key priorities.
We are constantly working to take action on your input and are thankful for your ongoing feedback.

What we've heard

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From our latest surveys, three themes emerged. First, you are interested in even more features in our UX.
Second, you would like a more intuitive modeling experience and more integrations between Anaplan and other systems you use.
Third, you would like more flexibility with user and workspace licensing. Thank you for this feedback - we hear you.

What we're doing

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User Experience (UX)

Many of you enjoy using the UX and prefer it to Classic for visualizing data in Anaplan. Based on your feedback last year, we have already made a number of visualization enhancements. These include improved flexibility for filtering a model to quickly pinpoint the information you need, conditional formatting enhancements to customize the style and color of cells, and customizable grid options to better display text and images in grids. We also continued to enhance collaboration capabilities. UX now offers the ability to share a page with colleagues and link them to specific context to drive more contextual discussions on key data. You can also share pages through Slack and tag users with @mention notifications to draw them into discussions and speed up decisions.

We are continuously improving the ability to create custom, comprehensive reports from data in Anaplan, reinforcing our commitment to prioritizing more robust reporting and design capabilities in the UX.



Modeling Experience & Integrations

Based on your feedback, we recently delivered an updated, easy-to-use modeling experience. The New Modeling Experience provides more intuitive formula building with commonly requested features such as syntax highlighting to improve accuracy, a sleek new look and feel aligned to the UX, and enhanced navigation to easily access modeling screens.

We also heard feedback on our Microsoft Office Extensions, and our continued improvements in this area help you seamlessly integrate Anaplan with other applications. The latest Excel Add-In v4.2 supports connections up to five million data cells so you can create more robust reports in Excel with the data you need, and leading practices guide you along the extension upgrade process. We realize that accessing Anaplan data in third-party tools is important to you and will keep investing in our Office Add-Ins and broader suite of extensions.


Licensing & Workspace

We continue to hear that you want greater simplicity in user and workspace licensing to address your organizational requirements. Our product and engineering organizations are working on future product enhancements along with evolving our pricing and packaging to provide better flexibility and value. The best way to stay up to date on our latest developments is to contact your Account Executive.

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L1 & L2 Model Building is now in Japanese!


We heard from our Japanese customers that they needed more localized enablement materials to onboard onto Anaplan. In February 2021, we localized Level 1 Model Building, and as of August 2021, we are happy to announce that Level 2 Model Building is also now available in Japanese!

Both courses can be accessed via the Anaplan Learning Center.


Anapedia Enhancements

Import and export data in models
We know how important it is for you to move your data into and out of Anaplan. Your feedback has helped us to improve our import and export documentation, and we’ve addressed over 40 issues you’ve raised:

You wanted more detailed guidance on how to map an import. Our new
 mapping section outlines the stages of mapping and links out to detail that covers every kind of import. 

You found our import procedures difficult to follow, and the guidance for list imports, in particular, didn’t answer your questions. Our Import basics section now provides an overview of the import process to help you understand how the different steps work together, and we’ve improved our examples and simplified the presentation of our procedures.

You told us our documentation on 
list imports didn’t answer your questions. We’ve separated our the guidance on standard and numbered lists, and we’ve added mapping help.

Those of you who participated in our 
user research helped us develop clearer navigation. This enabled us to put the information where you expect it, and led us to clarify our language on shared imports and shared exports.




How else you can provide feedback

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Help guide the future of the Anaplan platform
by joining our User Research Program

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Provide a product idea or enhancement
via the Idea Exchange 


 Share any other feedback by reaching out to: