Increase Size of the Action Icon for Additional Insight Cards with Actions


When working in a worksheet the user is able to add various cards (text, field etc.) to the additional insights pane and even add a process/action to these various cards. However, the Action icon in the top right of the card is extremely small compared to most large blue processes Anaplan offers in the UX. Can we increase the size of the icon or make it much more obvious that there is an Action the user can click on?

Small Action Icon.png?

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  • Can the Anaplan community come together like WSB with GameStop and positively ask Anaplan to make this UI change (seems simple but I'm sure some engineering reason making it hard) and make the product better for users!

  • Agreed - the action icons, at their current size, can be easily missed.

  • as workaround, the  import (processes) actions can be also published in the additional insights section with preview.. this way the users can see better the buttons. 


    Hope it helps



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