3 Improvements for Comments in the New UX




I'm missing 3 basic capabilities on the current comments' fucntionality to be able to use it for my clients:

1- Comments are not flagged to end user

2- Not recorded in full context (in all dimensions I'm looking at)

3-No option to publish or export from Anaplan


This custom fucntionality I built allows me to overcome all those 3 limitations.

Have a look to this video and let me know your comments @simon_ritchie 




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  • Thanks @Antonio_Flor 

    We are making further enhancements throughout the year and this should cover many of these great ideas. The video is very helpful.

    I asked our Commenting Product Manager to take a look.


    Cheers, Simon

  • Has there been any updates on the above features, especially point 3?

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