Option to select Column Headers starting column(optional)

Hi All,

I am seeing this error for a long time, so I thought of sharing this here, there might be a solution which I don't know. if there is a solution pls share it.


Let's assume I have an import template as follow

Column 1 - Display Name of the List Items

Column 2 - Unique Code

Column 3 to end - TIME(JAN 21, FEB 21,...)


Since my module using a numbered list dimension, I have to map the unique code for the import.

So I map Column 2 to the module dimension, Column headers to the Time dimension. 


After running the import, we always get the following error "Expected month name or number in date/period". the reason is that the system thinks my column 1 also time formatted.

By just having only code detail in my import file, we can avoid this error, but I need both code and name in my template.


By giving the Column header starting column detail as optional, I believe we can avoid this error. Assume if we can say the column header starting column is column 3 in this example.


As a Anaplanner, I know this error won't cause any issue but not many end users know this and feel that something is not right with the import.



Vignesh M

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