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I have seen similar ideas already suggested about this topic, but are a little bit too specific in my view. So I hope this one is perceived as useful by the community. 



At the moment, Anaplan's time ranges are static, which means that they will contain the same set of years while your current period and current year moves on. For instance, if we set a time range to start on 2018 and contain 5 years, that time range will forever include years from 2018 to 2022. 


Of course, one can edit the time ranges to update the start period and keep them up-to-date with the current period. Not a big deal. But precisely because this is something that has to be done only once a year (and cannot be done from a dashboard) is because it is likely to forget about it. 



Since this functionality already exists for the Model Calendar, could we have the option to set the number of Periods for the Time Range as a dynamic function of the Current Period? 

In other words, when creating a new Time Range, instead of setting a fix Start Period and a specific number of future years it would be nice to set the number of Past and Future years respect from the current period. Pretty much the same as for the Model Calendar:


Alternatively, if you want to make sure that the time dimension of the modules using the Time Range do not change at all, we could have an option for Time Range to "enable" dynamic tame ranges as suggested above or to keep them static as they currently are. 


Then again, this is a "nice to have" I would say, specially when you have several time ranges in the model. 




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  • That would be a great idea to reduce maintenance time around multiple time ranges that need to move each year manually while still allowing correct sizing in modules that require different time ranges.

  • This would be amazing, since it will allows us to reduce model size. Is hard for some type of clients to tell them that they have to go to the time range and manually change it

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