Secure actions using saved views


As a model builder i would need an added security layer regarding the interaction between actions mapping definitions using saved views that would prevent saved views being changed or deleted once it is defined in an action.


This added security would then allow a user to either :

-  create another saved view if needed for other uses

- actions to be deleted (in case the action is not used anymore)

- modify the action to refer to another saved view before proceeding to changing the saved view


My reasoning here is that we currently have great security that prevent model builder from running havoc in the model structure including : 

- deleting modules or line items that are referenced within other parts of the model

- deleting lists that are referenced in the model

- deleting actions that are part of an existing process


All of these require model builder to make extra steps to prevent model structure to become inconsistent


Yet, when it comes to actions and saved views, nothing is preventing a model builder to remove or alter a saved view, which will in term make the action malfunctioning or not working at all


Simple Warning wouldnt be sufficient from my stand as actions are key parts of the model at the sale criticity level as other parts (lists and modules).


This would save a lot of our users feeling anaplan models being prone to malfunctioning.

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