New UX: Ability to view and export "codes" as labels in grid view


When producing a grid table, it would be useful to have the option to also bring through the code in a separate column/row next to the display name and have the ability to show or hide these depending on the user requirements.  Likewise, having the option to export with the code.  A small example is below.


I note the export with "code" as a label was possible in the Old UX.





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  • Agreed - in particular we are missing a bit of the old export functionality with the new UX exports (labels, swapping out line items & layout variations). Appreciate we can create export definitions but before this was possible for users to do on the fly...

  • Yes, export in NUX are missing the functionality of selecting label-data. When working with more hierarchy levels, then it is often required to show also superior hierarchy levels.

    Alternatively it would be needed to add line items in the modules just to support the export. It makes the model more complex and less easy to use if such extra line items are to be added upfront.

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