Source Object Name refresh in Import Data Sources tab of Actions (Model Settings)


The Source Object Name in the Import Data Sources tab of the Actions section in Model Settings is a very helpful piece of information when tracing source module views used in Actions.  Model builders normally export this information to an Excel output and filter on the source object name to check which actions are dependant on a particular module and/or module view.  It is therefore critical that the information in this tab remains accurate at all times.



  • The object name (for Saved Views) does not refresh/update when the source module name is changed. 
  • This makes it more difficult to trace source module views for modules that have had a name change as it is not updated in the Import Data Sources tab.
  • Clicking the "Refresh" button does not update the module names when they have changed.
  • To find out the correct object name, the model builder needs to click on then "Edit" button to display the actual object name used.


  • Have the module names of saved views in the Source Object Name field of the Import Data Sources tab update automatically after a change in the related module name.
  • If first point is too difficult, the module names should at least update when the "Refresh" button is clicked.

See attached document for a visual of the issue.



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  • Yes please!  Also it would be great just to be able to SEE the full Source Object Name (perhaps by making the column widths adjustable?) on the Import Data Sources tab without having to export the whole list or Copy-Paste into Notepad.


  • @m.angeles11  Unless you haven't already found a workaround for changing the source object name, note that if you go to Import Data Source tab and edit the source data you are using for a particular import and save, the name of the import source object will change. You can verify this by going back to tine Import tab and check.


    However, it will be nice to automatically change as we make changes to the name of views in modules and also be able to extend the width of the tables in Actions.




  • Thanks @michael_park.  What you mentioned is what I currently do now to refresh the Import Data Source names.  


    As a minimum, it would be great to have the refresh button update all of the data sources names.  But first prize would always be to have the Import source names update automatically each time the source name is changed.

  • Agree - Sync 'Mapped to' to Source Model will be helpful for newer model builders as well, and make traceability more efficient. 





  • This is a really important request. Has there been any updates / workarounds for this?


    1. This wastes a lot of time during traceability.

    2. It can also be a risk because new users may remove a module/saved view since it does not show up in the source object name for any of the actions

  • GP

    3 years and none response or solving to this small issue :-/

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