Selective access @ list items is not displaying parent of the selected list items


Hi Experts,

Encountered an issue with selective access of list items. Our requirement is to provide selective access to Zone and in the dashboard users see information for their specific Zone rolled up @ Region. When selective access is provided to the Zone list items, the Region list is not displayed for the users (neither the rolled up data is not displayed for them for their specific zones)

In the model, we have 2 list, list1 is  "Region" and list2 is "Zone". List1 is the parent of list2 and the hierarchy is built using this relationship (Region is the parent of Zone)

Region List        Zone List

A                         A (Zone1, Zone2, Zone3) where zone1..3 are list items and its parent is A

B                        B (Zone4, Zone5, Zone6) where zone4..6 are list items and its parent is B

C                        C (Zone7, Zone8) where zone7&8 are list items and its parent is C

Provided selective access to user to Zone5 & Zone6 and this user need to see information of these 2 Zones at all pages. Region B need to show information of Zone5 & Zone6 and not all. 

Problem statement: if NO selective access is provided for Region list then i could not bring a dashboard for the users to display data @ region level

if selective access is provided to "Region" list then all zones (including Zone4 data is displayed) at region level

Kindly guide us what access to be granted to the user to overcome these scenarios





  • Hello Sivasankar,


    It is actually not possible to manage this just with selective acces, simply because the summary "Region B" can not have one value for a user and another for another one.


    If you really really need to do that, you can dimension new line items with the same dimensions + the user list and create a rule "if user has access then value else 0". Each user will see the correct totals, but this will greatly increase the size of your model and the complexity.



  • @MathisG thanks for the prompt response. But being this is a key feature of an OLAP design say analysis of data using slice and dice of the dimensions, i thought it could be easily achievable.

    yes can think about using your workaround if the size is in control. thanks a lot



  • @Sivasankar 


    Have you thought about using DCA (Dynamic Cell Access) instead of selective access for this requirement?  And since the Users list does not have a built-in Top Level, you may need to use a Custom Users list (in my case Fake Users).






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