Further enhancement to newly delivered "Last run"/"Start Date and Time (UTC)" capability


First of all : thanks for adding this new capability and delivering THIS idea that was posted a couple of years ago.


I personally see this as a good MVP and I would like to see it expanded with the following enhancements :

1) Ability to see a "Last executed by" so that we could capture who ran it last

2) Store the newly added "Start Date and Time" and "Last executed by" into a system module and/or provide functionality to retrieve this information from a Line Item formula

3) Allow all these features to work for Imports/Exports and Processes


I will know these are successful when I could somehow publish and display the above information into a dashboard/UX

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  • Hi @Alessio_Pagliano, this would be a great enhancement, I agree with your proposal.

    By the way, @justinivey posted a similar idea yesterday, maybe the two posts can be merged.

  • @Alessio_Pagliano this is well written! Thumbs up!

  • Can we publish the last run time to a dashboard for our users to reference?

  • I just had a conversation about displaying last run times for end users! This functionality would really help our end users troubleshoot some data problems themselves.

  • It is a common ask from client to view the last run times for end users! This would be a great functionality to be added which will enable end users to troubleshoot data issues 

  • Hi,

    I recently designed a solution for the end user to view the Last Run Timestamp of Actions.

    Solution involved two step process to be performed by the end user.

    Once the user had run the action they were needed to
    1. Download the details in an export file.
    2. Upload the same file in Anaplan without changing anything in the file.


    Details of the build, UX Design along with screen shots can be referred in this link. 



    Hope this helps you all. 



  • It would be great if we had the ability to display in a dashboard the last run date and who executed a process/action.  We have a few process that are run by the end users.  Often we have to answer questions about when the process was last run and by who.  It would be great if this information could be readily available, allowing the end users to self serve.

  • This enhancement is much needed!

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