New UX Idea - Apply one more model source to all pages of the app at once


One of our model a dev and multiple prod models linked to a single dev via ALM.

We have developed New UX App based on dev with a lot of pages in it.

My aim now is to apply all prod models we have to this app, but the existing procedure is not effective for this idea.

I want to have ability to add new source to the excising app globally without need to select each page one by one.

Per each page i will have to click at least 8 times which is too big waste of time.




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  • I wrote a script to do this, given two lists, one of source models, and one of target pages. PM me for more info 🙂 

  • Also had this problem. It was really exhausting to add all needed pages to each model!

  • Definitely needed. @kevin.cho I will contact you re: the script, if that's ok :-)

  • luke_e

    Agreed - not having this function blocks use cases we where we need to cut a version of a model for scenarios/other modelling (creating an app copy and updating over a 100 page sources, one at a time, isn't really a viable option).

    As a result, these models need to stay in classic for now.

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