Compare before Add Revision Tag

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Compare before Add Revision Tag

We badly need an option to compare the current changes against the latest ALM Revision or any prior Revisions before creating a New Revision Tag (Add Revision Tag). Currently the Compare option let us compare the changes between any existing revision tags only and not against the current changes, yet to be check in/ yet to create a new revision.


In a real life scenario of distributed teams/ more than one person, working on the same model, every day it is a dilemma, what has been changed and who has changed. We know something has been changed as the "Add Revision Tag" is enabled.


Technically, yes, we can run a history report and sift through millions of lines to figure out the changes since last revision. However it is highly inconvenient, not user friendly (Not model builder/ admin friendly) and takes lot of time. 


This is a basic requirement for all source code management applications and could you please add this feature at the earliest. 







Great idea! It indeed makes a lot of sense to have that kind of option.


I have posted this idea in the forum on your behalf

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@Misbah @rama.narravula 

As the revision tag changes have to be written to a log, the changes can only be compared once the tag has been created.


But, for those who didn't already know, it is possible to compare revision tags within a model now


On the revision tags screen, against each revision tag you will see a compare button


 Click the "compare" button for the desired revision tag and you will see a dialogue like this.


I hope this helps