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Filter in Saved View



I have seen instances where the filters applied in saved views gets crashed, either as we proceed with the development or while ALM (the production marks the filter as crashed while the Dev Model still have the filter intact, then we have to remove and reapply the same filter and move back to Prod, and then it works). Can you let me know what are the reasons for getting a filter crash, as the complete functionality or the view gets disturbed.



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Re: Filter in Saved View

yes this happens, not only in saved views, all filters can break.
It happens if the dimensional context of the filter is changing. For example if you remove/add a dimension to the filtering LI, or change a list to its subset, change to a time range etc

When you use filters to control actions, be extra careful. Reduce its dimension to the minimum so you are less exposed to the changes explained above, make it a dedicated line item, perhaps in a dedicated module.


ESPECIALLY if that filter controls user management, I once added the whole company to a workspace after the filter crashed.

Nathan Rudman, Anaplan Model Builder
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Re: Filter in Saved View

Ideally in my last notice, there was no change made to any dimension of the module, even then the saved view filter got crashed.

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Re: Filter in Saved View



That's strange. Here are my observations on this.

1. Make sure that the saved view gets saved every time you make a change to the view

2. Make sure that the filter is a boolean line item and not on any list item. Sometimes what happens is that we apply a filter on a List item directly which might be a production list and that might throw you off in Prod Environment.

3. If you have applied a filter on the line item dimensionalized by any Production List Subset, make sure you mark these items in your Prod environment subset