Ability to select versions as a list formatted line item for use in lookup statements

Ability to select versions as a list formatted line item for use in lookup statements

Versions are useful as they allow switchover functionality enabling a user to both enter a forecast on a line and see actuals in the same line item. However, comparing versions to eachother (any version to any other version dynamically) requires a "Versions List" and logic to engage that list with the Version you want to pull with [SELECT:VERSIONS.(verions name here]. If Version could be a format of a line item, then Anaplan reporting out of version would be greatly enhanced as these version formatted line items could be used in Lookup statements.

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This was also suggested in previous posts (example 7 FEB 2018, https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Locked-Product-Requests-for/Version-as-option-for-Format-of-a-line-...) , would really be great to have this implemented! And in this post: https://community.anaplan.com/t5/Idea-Exchange/Version-subsets-and-selection-as-a-formats/idc-p/3954...

Please add this?

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Hi All, some good news...

This has been put on the long-term roadmap, see link below.
But the short term list wouold be nicer. Maybe by consolidating kudos, because saw several similar request..


Thanks a lot!


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