Add Bulk Copy to action list to be added in process chain.

Add Bulk Copy to action list to be added in process chain.

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Current limitations with the version dimension mean we are not able to select Version as a list formatted line item (there is a separate ticket with community support on this topic).  


Because of that, we are forced to do a number of data moves using custom version lists, list subsets, and collect statements to complete advanced versioning reporting. As we go through that process we note that list subsets are limited to numbers only, so any non-numeric list member we wish to copy needs to be copied via custom import before running bulk copy from the version menu under model settings. 


It would be great to include bulk copy features in the action modules to tie these functions together. 



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This would be a nice feature, many practical uses.

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Would love to see this feature added to the product as well!

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I have a customer that has dimensions where they want to enter data in those dimensions to evaluate their effect on the total model.  When they have something they like, they want to do a bulk copy of all of the inputs for those dimensions.  We want this function on a dashboard.  Without the ability to do this on a dashboard, we have to build a series of module to module copies for all of the inputs we are trying to manage.  Having this be an action on a dashboard would greatly simplify this process.  

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Totally agree. This would be really helpful

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Bulk copy need it attached to process...any update of when that may be coming?