Delete Dormant Users from the Anaplan Tenant Admin Tool

Delete Dormant Users from the Anaplan Tenant Admin Tool

The ability not only to disable but also delete dormant users directly from The Anaplan Tenant Admin tool.


The assumption is that the Anaplan Tenant Admin tool can also offer a feature to enable the Tenant Admin to identify how long a specific user or group of users have not logged on to Anaplan models facilitating the decision process of deleting such type of user.



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Would such a helpful thing especially when people leave / move onto other roles - obviously can flag them as dormant and remove their access from workspaces but being able to delete entirely would be even better

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Would simplfy user managemtn greatly (we have circa 100 users so it is a moderately cumbersome task for us)

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Would simplfy user managment greatly (we have circa 100 users so it is a moderately cumbersome task for us)

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Our Admin team could benefit from such a functionality as our Audit team is requesting a direct Anaplan export of a User list and their status.


Adding an export function to the list would be helpful. The copy/ paste functionality in Excel drops the Active column's Check or X mark. 

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Need this functionality to more easily manage users across work spaces

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I fully agree. With 3566 users, we need more tools to be able to :


  1. Export and import profiles and status
  2. Ability to mass-delete or disable
  3. Report on whether users have SSO enabled or not
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I echo the inputs from my fellow Anaplanners above. Any progress on this request?

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We definitely need these functionalities for optimizing our user management process and not spend our time manually deleting users from each workspace:


  • In Tenant, we need the ability to remove a users from all workspaces in a single click.
  • Export data from tenant into excel
  • Ability to run our own user and workspace reports which are currently on splunk, it saves a lot of back and forth with our anaplan contact persons.
  • Tenant should show accurate data - We faced an issue where the tenant did not show correct info about users. For example: For user A, tenant shows user has access to 2 workspaces. But when we actually go into our many workspaces, we see that he has access to 6 workspaces.
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We really need this - simpler user/access management in tenant admin. 

We should be able to manage (at least delete or cleanup access) from tenant admin, and not delete users from each of the model/workspace. Imagine a tenant with more than 20 workspaces.

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Is this completely closed or is the status "Not Planned" due to the reset of all Ideas recently ?

I second this : would be really helpful to sort out users

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I agree with all the comments above. Having one place to remove users would make user management tasks so much easier.

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Yes, it would typically be better to fully delete users. See Full deletion of historic users in Tenant Admin - Anaplan Community.