Expose Copy and Archive (Model Backups) in API

Expose Copy and Archive (Model Backups) in API

Currently model backups can only be done via the application interface.  The company I am working for does these backups daily and since we support a large number of models this turns out to be a very time consuming process of accessing each model individually and initiating the archiving via the web browser.


Exposing this functionality in the API would be a tremendous time saver for any organizations that support a lot of different models!


This would allow companies to schedule model backups at a certain time intervals or initiate a backup of all of the models they support with the click of a button.

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Furthermore, this should include API functionality for Archive, and Change Model Status (locked, standard etc.) too.


Where an organization many models, and wants to automate model management, including this functionality, would allow for significant efficiency gains.

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Fully agree. 


All of the tasks here would ideally be apart of this API functionality. 
1. Rename existing model
2. Change model mode
3. Import Model
The above routine is something I'm trying to automate via scripting