List Item Count Reset Accessible via Anaplan Connect

List Item Count Reset Accessible via Anaplan Connect



The ability to trigger the “Reset” action/button in the list configuration tab (for numbered lists), using Anaplan Connect to automate this process.


Example of Enhancement: 

Anaplan Connect has an operation that enables reset of a list. And the index for a list can be reset without limitation (i.e. it doesn’t have to be in between 899,999,999 and 999,999,999 to enable a reset).


Benefit / Impact:

Our design requires exporting a record list from one model to another with great frequency to support reporting needs. This results in the numbered list IDs rapidly increasing, requiring frequent, unpredictable resets, otherwise this model-to-model data push fails.


Current Process:

  • We move data from a planning model to a reporting model in Anaplan, to get around size and performance limitations
  • We do it by pulling data from the planning model to the reporting model, specifically pulling data into a numbered list that contains one record per intersection of data
  • Each time we have to clear and re-load the entire list
  • The list has 10M items
  • We push data on an hourly basis to enable up-to-date reporting
  • The model administrator has to frequently log in and check the current index value to monitor whether we’re approaching the limit
  • Important: There exists unpredictability around when we can reset the index as the list item index of the selected list must be between 899,999,999 and 999,999,999.


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