Edit user profiles for name and new email


Can Anaplan add option to edit existing users instead of deleting and adding? A good reason is for a person who gets married and needs to change their last name for an example or update the users email address.

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  • Great idea!

  • Margot

    It would be a very useful functionality, not to lose any data associated with the old e-mail.

  • I agree with your Idea.

  • I agree, too. It would be really useful.

  • I would like the ability to edit my email address, or request the change if Anaplan would like control the request and act as administrator and verify the change is valid. I am with the same institution we went live with Anaplan four years ago. Nevada State College has gained University status. As a result the institution updated all emails addresses. I would like to keep my Anaplan history, badges and subscriptions without the need to start over from scratch. Thank-you. 😊

  • rrist

    Any status update on this? We have a couple names that need to be changed and it will take significant time to populate their history if we need to add a new user.

    Additionally, I would love a 'reorder' button for users like there is for Modules.

  • Kris2000

    Is there any update on this?

    We are changing the name of the company, including most e-mail addresses.

  • That would be a superuseful feature.

    Especially for large companies like our with over 1k anaplan users that face the email update requests every week.

    I was very surprised that it's still not there.

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