Update Start Time without ALM and Current Month / Week by Automatic Batch


Today, we need to update Start Time in DEV then do an ALM but it can be complicated if we have developments on going.
We would like to be able to do it directly in our PROD Model. 

We would like also to be able to do it automatically by batch/API, same need to update Current Month / Week and all Times Settings etc. 

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  • Indeed it would be nice to have the possibility to define some Time parameters as "production data" and also to be able to automate the Current Period in Time list. Even, usually these changes should be done once per year. this would "smooth" the rollover from one year to another. 


    As for now... the only workaround I can think about is to create a system module with the current period to be setup, but losing all the functionalities of the function CurrentPeriod. 




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