Can some one explain the SWITCHOVER concept with suitable example !!


When ever I try working with the switchover concept in merging and making the forecast with the actual ...though I get resuls , still my mind pops up with questions about this. Hence I request some one in clearing my doubt please.Tq



  • @keerthipatiaditya 

    Switchover is the time period from which the actual version switchesover to the version being displayed.

    For example, the forecast version has a switchover date of Jun 21. 

    When switchover is enabled when the forecast version is selected actual version data will show up to the Apr 21 and from Jun 21 data will switchover to the selected forecast version.

    Hope this helps. 

  • GONI



    When Switchover is enabled then the Anaplan will merge Actual data with forecast data.


    Here is the example. Considering Switchover date is May


    Actual  12345


    Hope it helps!!



    Basavaraj Goni

  • Hi Basavaraj


    We are getting actual data in place of forecast data in forecast for switchover of may. But forecast for may is not changing based upon the actual data. Then what is the purpose of switchover when forecast remains the same??


    If it is for conversion of forecast data into actual data then, in what scenario we use this switchover functionality?

    Please help me in understanding above questions. @ChrisAHeathcote , @JaredDolich




  • @yashbhadoria 

    Good question. Most likely the line item hasn't been enabled for switchover. Scroll to the right on the line item and you will see a checkbox that turns it on. Another suggestions is to make sure you are using the native versions in your module. TBH, I don't use native versions that often because of the challenges updating the switchover period from outside of Anaplan.

    @GONI is right though. It's used to automatically copy actuals into your forecast. For example, Here I have turned on breakback and set it to week 5.


    I then enable the line item for breakback and now you can see the first 4 weeks of forecast are no longer editable.




  • @JaredDolich @ChrisAHeathcote 


    One quick question about Switchover -

    Let say I have selected switchover as May'22 - the below table reflect the correct outcome.

    However, let say my forecast value should also change for the remaining months basis on Actuals, then how will I manage that with switchover

    • Current Forecast - 1000 for each month
    • Actuals till April - 4300
    • So, basis on Actuals, I want the forecast to change from 1000 to 1075 (Average of 4300)
    • Again, once I input Actuals for May, again my forecast will change based on Actual's Average, how will I manage that with switchover





  • Great question @CommunityMember111277 

    I have two possibilities you might consider, one with switchover the other without.

    1. If you are determined to use switchover, then two ways you can handle is to use an action that takes a percentage difference (from a driver) and applies it only to the remaining weeks (unelapsed weeks). You'll need a Boolean filter for your saved view that filters out the elapsed weeks.
    2. The better option, in my opinion, is to not use switchover. But rather use time system module that keeps track of the current month. From there you can use native versions if you like or a IF/THEN conditional to choose one value over another depending on the current period. You also have the option then of using the solution above or add the logic to override the forecasts with a percentage. Lastly, and this is how I do it, I use breakback and dynamic cell access to control which values are editable. If the period is elapsed, it's uneditable. If unelapsed, it's editable. Then breakback will only be applied to the editable values.